Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

I am certain that everyone has heard some sort of coffee humor.
“I will not be seen until I have my coffee.”
“For your protection let me drink my coffee first.”
“Good ideas start with coffee.”
“I will dwell in the house of mochas, forever.”
“Give me this day my daily brew.”
“Caffeine is my shepherd I shall not doze.”

Good News for all you coffee connoisseurs that need your morning “Cup of Joe” in order to get going for the day. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, coffee may help teeth by preventing bone loss in the jaw.
In addition coffee’s antibacterial properties may help protect the gums.
According to research some coffee benefits heap up while it is being roasted. Some of the acids and antioxidant properties are high and can prevent cancer and others diseases.
Bad bacteria in the oral microbiome can also be reduced. Although coffee stains can’t be eliminated, it is recommended to drink and rinse with water after drinking to reduce the risk of staining. It is important that you understand that drinks that are high in acidity such as coffee, wine, and lemonade can soften the enamel. So wait at least 30 minutes after you drink before you brush.
By all means we are not encouraging everyone to start drinking coffee. Coffee in moderation has nutritional advantages. Coffee is a stimulant and you must place a limit to no more than five cups per day. Also make sure you have your last cup early on, so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

(This research does not include information regarding any additives such as sugars, creamers, syrups etc.)
Overall, you must take recommendations provided by your primary health provider as to do’s & don’ts.